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Event Details

Date: July 4, 2024
Time: 10 AM
Location: 6th Street
Registration Deadline: June 27, 2024

Join us for the Freedom Parade!
The theme for 2024 is “Coming Together:  United We Stand”

Freedom Parade in Junction City, KS

Freedom Parade Registration Information

This year’s theme is “Coming Together:  United We Stand” The parade will be held July 4, 2024, and starts at 10:00 am. There is NO entry fee. Judging will take place in the staging area so floats can be recognized as the winning floats during the parade. We encourage you to be creative with the theme decorations and/or patriotic decorations. Whether you plan to be judged or not, ALL entries must be decorated. Parade entries must be “family friendly” appropriate to be seen by all ages. Deadline to enter is June 20, 2024. You will receive an email with your parade number and lineup time 1 week prior to the parade. Please complete and submit the parade entry form. If you have any questions, please contact Jodie Riche at

  1. All motorized vehicle operators to include motorcycle, ATV, and scooter operators must abide by all City Ordinance and safety laws accordingly during ALL Parades in Junction City, Ks.
  2. Operators of all motorized vehicles to include motorcycles understand they will be ticketed for any violations of the law while in the parade. This includes any burnouts that may harm spectators from rubber or excessive smoke. Vehicle operators are subject to immediate removal from the parade if any Law Enforcement Officer feels they are in violation of the laws and that operator has endangered the safety of the bystanders at the parade, participants of the parade, or themselves.
  3. Motorized vehicles will be decorated with the parade theme or patriotic theme. All restored vehicles must be in their finished stage. No unfinished restorations will be permitted to drive or be hauled though the parade.
  4. Walking entries need to keep up with the parade route. In the event of younger youth walking please help them by having wagons, strollers, or other forms of transportation for them to keep up.
  5. Throwing of candy and other items from the vehicles or floats is prohibited. Candy and other items may be passed out by participants walking at the edges of the parade route. This will be strictly enforced, and violators will be removed from the parade.
  6. Parade should not be held up by walkers handing out items. Floats and vehicles associated with walkers will continue to move down the parade route without leaving a gap. This may cause separation between the vehicle and associated walkers.
  7. At no time will entries stop to talk, greet, or perform during the route causing a gap in the parade. All performances should be choreographed to a nonstop forward motion.
  8. Please continue on Adams through 8th street before unloading your entry. You can also pull into the library parking lot to unload. Do not unload in the street next to the library, this holds the parade up as entries turn on Adams from 6th.
  9. Freedom Fest organizers reserve the right to reject any application or entry at any time.

Freedom Parade Registration

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